Who We Are

We all come from different starting points. Tailored to the specific needs of each resident, we provide life skill and goal-setting guidance. As was done for us, our passion is to help women achieve balanced-living, and pursue all that sobriety has to offer.

Alicia Mencacci, CADC

A certified drug and alcohol counselor from UCLA, Alicia has worked in the field of substance abuse for over twenty years. Her experience across many different roles in many different facilities led to her belief that the magic of early recovery lives at home. As a result, she opened Marina House in 2007, which has established itself as one of the premier women’s houses in West LA.

Alicia has dedicated her life to helping women stay sober and achieve the big and beautiful lives they deserve. An L.A. native, she began her sobriety in 1997. She attributes her success to the community and accountability she found living in sober living at the beginning of her journey.

Alicia lives in Mar Vista with her husband, sons, and dog Benny.

Rena Gallagher

Rena has worked at Marina House for over four years. After extensive trial-and-error, Rena was able to maintain long-term sobriety and learn what behaviors serve her and her community. She carries the insights of her own journey about a woman’s first year into her role as Director of Marina House.

She is currently pursuing an MA at Loyola Marymount University.


Haley Lemon

Haley was raised in San Diego, and moved to Los Angeles to get sober over three years ago. Haley has always known she wanted to work in the mental health field, and is skilled in helping dual-diagnosis residents stay sober. She has been the Director of Sunset House for over a year.

Haley is working towards her Masters in Social Work.

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