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Our Community

We believe that the magic of sobriety exists in the community of Sober Living. Marina House insists on honest, transparent, and accountable living. In order to make this the primary focus of a resident’s stay, Marina House provides:

o Healthful food from local markets for residents

o 24-hour onsite staff

o Transportation to all clinical appointments and daily rides to 12-step meetings

o Daily scheduling and intention-setting with staff

o Life-skill coaching fit to the needs of the resident, i.e., budgeting or resume-

o Clinical Collaboration with therapists, psychiatrists, case-managers and

o Nightly breathalyzing

o 2-3 times weekly drug-testing


Post Discharge Monitoring

Marina House Sober Livings offers post-discharge monitoring. When a resident has transitioned back to independent living, they can select a staff member to act as their monitor. Their monitor will randomly drug test them 2-3 times weekly as well as maintain the connection to the Marina House community.

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